Welcome to 3B!

We are the oldest children at Windrush Charlton and the first set of Key Stage 2 children. Our class teacher is Mrs Foster and Mrs Bajwa is our Teaching Assistant.

Every day we have Maths lessons and English lessons, these happen in the morning. We also have guided reading sessions where we get to read fantastic books with our teacher, she likes to question us on our opinions and understanding of the book we are reading, at this time we take it in turns to spend time in our book corner, or with Mrs Bajwa, who is also asking us questions about what we are reading.

In the afternoons we get to do lots of different lessons which include computing, PE, art & design technology alongside Topic lessons. Our topic lessons focus on different things each half term, in September we learnt all about volcanoes. Computing is our favourite subject, we love to use the computers to help us research information and buff up on our maths skills, but we especially like playing maths games, creating our own ebooks and making our own games online for children to play.

We have homework every Friday and if we’ve finished our reading books we can have these changed on a Tuesday or Friday, some of us are beginning to choose our own books from the reading corner, we find this exciting.

Each half term we are lucky to go on a school trip and in September we went to the Natural History Museum to learn more things about volcanoes, we even experienced an earthquake in the simulator, it was excellent fun.


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