Reporting Absences
It is the responsibility of parents to inform the school of the reason for any absence by note or telephone on the first day of absence. When a message is received by telephone the, schools Admin Officer will enter the reason given onto the system.

Authorised Absences
Under the Education Act 1993 only the School and not the parents can authorize absence. A pupil is considered to have an authorised absence when he/she is unable to attend either because:

   •   he/she is ill; or
   •   of some unavoidable cause; or
   •   of a religious observance; or
   •   he/she is receiving treatment at a medical, dental or similar appointment; or
   •   of a bereavement; or
   •   of some exceptional circumstance negotiated with the Headteacher

Unauthorised Absences
Unauthorised absences are absences, which do not fit the description of authorised absence given in the last section whether or not it is explained and all absences, which are not explained. They would include;

   •   shopping trips
   •   looking after the house
   •   looking after brothers and/or sisters
   •   an aggregate of holidays in term time
   •   extended trips;
   •   Photographic modelling sessions

A child is considered late if he/she is not present at the time the registers are closed. These times are as follows;
Charlton Site: 

   Mornings :  8.50am
   Afternoons: 1.35pm


   Mornings: 9.05am

   Afternoons: 1.35pm

Thamesmead Site:

   Mornings: 9.05am

   Afternoons: 1.35pm

Monitoring procedure

The Headteacher will discuss absences on a fortnightly basis with the delegated admin officer looking for:

 • unexplained absences; and
 •   patterns of absences

It is also the responsibility of the class teachers to raise concerns regarding absences. These concerns should in the first instance be raised by the class teacher with the parent/Carer of the child. And can also be raised at the weekly Thursday business meetings. Where appropriate the Headteacher will make a referral to the Attendance Advisory Service.

Late Collection
There may be occasion when children are picked up late due to unforeseen circumstances- e.g medical emergency, transport issues. The school is prepared to keep children in the school office for up to 20 mins provided parents have notified the school that they are going to be late. Parents need to ensure as much as possible they are on time to pick up their children as constant lateness in collection will be seen as neglect and as a last resort the school would refer the parent to social services. If a child is late being picked up the class teacher or LSA will bring the child to the school office. If the parent has called to inform us the office will let the child know why their parents are late. However if no phone call has been made we will wait until 3.25pm before calling the parents.

If we cannot contact the parents we will call the emergency contact numbers. If we have made no contact with any parent by 4.00pm we would call the duty social worker at Greenwich Social Services to inform them of the possibility of a left child. The Head will speak with any parents who are consistently late and inform them of the school procedures to contact social services.

If a Nursery child is not picked up either at 11.40 or 3:45pm the Nursery staff will contact the parents after 10 mins from the time of pick up has elapsed. If no one has picked up after 20 mins the child is brought to the main school office where a member of Nursery staff will remain with them. Should we be unable to make contact after 45 mins the duty social worker will be informed.

  Absence Procedures