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Unlocking the potential of every child

Welcome to reception class RA. Our teacher is Miss Shergill, Mrs Nunn is our Early Years Practitioner and Miss McLeod is our Teaching Assistant. 
Throughout our year in reception, we are really lucky to be learning so much and all through play based activities! We will learn the sounds of each of the letters and the sounds that are made when some letters are put together. We are going to learn how to use these sounds when we are reading and when we write too. We will also be encouraged and supported to become more independent with the way we do things and to make links with our learning so that we can apply skills we have learnt across different areas of the curriculum!  We are going to be very busy!!

We will be doing PE on a Monday afternoon and will begin to understand more about keeping healthy and what happens to our bodies when we exercise. We will also been learning key skills like getting ourselves dressed and undressed independently! 

Throughout the year, we will be able to go on at least six educational visits that will support and develop our class topic. These will only be possible with the support of parents so please volunteer if you are able to. Keep updated by reading our class page on the website each week,  you will find out what we are doing in class and may get some ideas on how you can help at home.