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Windrush Primary School

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Music Curriculum Rationale

At Windrush our music lessons are fun and provide a safe environment for pupils to express themselves freely through music and song.

Our curriculum allows our pupils to take part in different musical experiences so that they are able to foster a love of music that will follow them throughout the school and beyond.

We have a specialist music teacher that delivers all music lessons and writes a bespoke curriculum especially for our pupils.

In EYFS musical instruments are available as a continual provision.

Our music specialist uses a program of songs to work with small groups of sign posted children either with EAL and/or low confidence and self-esteem.

In KS1 pupils will use their voices creatively and expressively by singing songs in unison and in parts. In year 1 they begin to learn vocabulary relating to sound and dynamics and learn about all the instruments of a classical orchestra.

They compose and perform music using graphic scores, progressing to traditional music notation.

In year 2 the music experience all relates back to popular music styles of the 20th century moving from Rock and Roll in the 1950s to Reggae in the 1970s. Listening constructively, pupils will analyse the music and understand its place in modern history.

Throughout Key stage 2, pupils build on their instrumental skills learnt to continue composing and performing music.

There is a large emphasis on using your body and surroundings to create music with topics such as beat boxing and body percussion.

Melodic notation is taught and their knowledge of rhythmic notation is expanded upon to transcribe their own compositions. Pupils will listen to and analyse a range of musical styles from the Baroque and Classical periods to current day.

A scheme of work has been created for some of our SEND children who benefit from extra music sessions that work on their listening skills and fundamentally allow them to express themselves through music.

Singing assemblies play a huge role in the music curriculum at our school with all children having a singing assembly each week.

Singing assemblies use contemporary material to build on basic vocal techniques and music vocabulary in a fun environment.